Windows 11 latest version and Komplete Kontrol stuck at Initialize GUI

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Here is a big problem. I have MK2 61 kb and the latest version of Komplete kontrol installed.

Why is it that Komplete Kontrol standalone will not open but to stay frozen at the GUI initialize window?

It opens in Live and my other Daw Mixcraft but will not let me adjust preferences in either program and will freeze if I try to do it. Both programs have the latest versions.

Kontakt standalone works fine with no issues. I even reinstalled windows 11 with no luck.

I think there is something seriously very wrong with KK and NI needs to make a new update fix. A lot of people are having this same issue. It always worked in Win 10.

I have read and searched all the post about what else to try and did all of them with no luck.

None of my other apps installed in Windows 11 freeze because of a GUI issue.

I am so tired of it and thinking of selling all my NI products. I am not going back to windows 10 because I like 11 and everything else works.


  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Justincase There is no issue with Komplete Kontrol and Windows 11. Have you tried these steps? KOMPLETE KONTROL Crashes

  • Justincase
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    Jeremy_NI , you are right. I reset my windows 11 and updated all windows libs and so forth. As you know that is a lot of time to finish and reinstalling all apps. Komplete Kontrol works. I still get the NIHostIntegrationAgent showing up in my app event viewer saying it fails to load only sometimes. I will install the newer 3.0 version even though I read it has a lot of user complaints as a design. Thanks for the comment.

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