Has anyone else suffered from a broken warranty replacement with zero response from NI?

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Purcahsed a new S88MKII 2 years ago that had issues. The warranty replacement came covered in white cleaning proiduct, and is clearly refurbsihed, not new. Loose screw inside. I have tried for over a year to get support on this with absolutely no ability to speak to a human or have this solved. After 2 years, basically NI sold me a broken new item, replaced it with a broken refurbished item, and left me with no recourse. $1300 down the drain. Who here can help make this right?



  • PoorFellow
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    Only NI support can help you and in the forum then only the _NI moderators can possibly make any difference if there is any difference to be made, if not then the forum staff can not do anything and you are left with support and any decision they may make ! The most always omnipresent Jeremy from NI has not been in the forum since the 28th and I do not know when he will be back but I can try and ask @Jeremy_NI : could you please see if there is anything to be done here ?

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    @Nightowl43 We're on it. Hopefully we get this thing resolved ASAP. @PoorFellow Thanks for pinging me here!

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