sharing my desks with the new PC doesn't work after logging in... native

Samuel Koellner
Samuel Koellner Member Posts: 4 Newcomer

Hi everyone

I'm thinking of buying another komplete kontrol and installing it on my new computer because I'm trying unsuccessfully to share the account with the old PC.

When I open access my desks don't appear the controller doesn't draw life and when I go to update I find it written

all your products are updated and incompatible with the operating system

I don't understand why Ventura 13 is supported

Could the problem be that one PC is an iMac and the other is a Mac Book Pro?

If I bought a new controller and signed up for a different native account, would this resolve this anxiety-provoking situation?

I hope someone can help me

Thank you

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  • PoorFellow
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    Hello ,

    I have a rather deciphering your exact situation from your description other than you have two MAC computers !

    If you are referring to installing your Komplete software on more computers then you are allowed to do that , in fact you are allowed to install it on up to three of your own computers providing that you only use one computer at a time !

    If you can not get the software to run on your computer then I doubt if it will help you to buy another Komplete Kontrol keyboard controller , so my advice is to try to work it all out.

    From your profile I can see that you have the komplete kontrol A 25 keyboard and you want to install it on a MAC OS , but I don't know if the problem is with getting the A25 keyboard recognized or if you are referring to the Komplete Kontrol software.

    To use on another computer you must be logged into the same account , if necessary check that you are logged into the correct account by logging in using the email you use and then go to this page : there you can see your products associated with the account !

    Exactly what computer do you have the problem with ? The iMac or the Mac Book Pro?

    What Komplete Software do you have ? version and version number ?

    What exactly is the problem ? Describe steps taken and type of problem and when problem arise !

    Else , generally use instructions on this page : HOW TO SET UP YOUR KOMPLETE KONTROL KEYBOARD :

    @Jeremy_NI , this is a MAC problem beyond my abilities , could you please step in ?

  • Kubrak
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    No problem that you have  iMac and Mac Book Pro. One may install Komplete on up to three different computers (MacOS and/or Win).

    Buying another licence would not help you. The problem is in something different than licences used.

  • Samuel Koellner
    Samuel Koellner Member Posts: 4 Newcomer
    edited October 2023

    Hello, thank you for your interest and I wanted to inform you that I understand what is happening, my license is still tied to the original account, for which I no longer have the login details and I cannot receive instructions on that address because it is disused . When I created a new account on the old PC, they transferred my banknotes to me, not mine

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Answer ✓

    @Samuel Koellner Please get in touch with our registration support so they can sort this out for you:

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