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I've just purchased a second hand Kontrol F1 and have the serial number for it. Ive asked the original owner to transfer the serial to me but it says not transferable. How do I get this transferred to my Native instruments account? I've gone through every thread and instructions and have even raised a ticket but cannot find an answer. Please assist ASAP!


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    My guess is that the person bought the unit bundled with software and can not transfer individually components but have to transfer all by transferring HW serial (or could be even worse) so says can not be done. Of course seller would consider that an accusation so maybe thread lightly or maybe , since to some extend besides the matter as to why, then maybe better not mention. But as far as I know then you need seller to transfer the hardware serial to you ..

    Anyway , I have never transferred any product myself but from posts read here then I would be rather surprised if the serial can not be transferred. I found the following articles for you , though one of them at least rather old ! :

    Buying or Selling Used Traktor Gear : https://traktortips.com/2012/11/06/buying-or-selling-used-traktor-gear/

    Important information regarding transferring Traktor licence's bundled with F1 : https://forum.djtechtools.com/showthread.php?t=52950

    How to Request a License Transfer ID to Sell Your NI Product : https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/en-us/articles/209566129-How-to-Request-a-License-Transfer-ID-to-Sell-Your-NI-Product

    In the end then only seller and support can help you , and support can probably do nothing if seller will not initiate a hardware serial transfer !

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    I took a look at my serials. Both my F1 are transferable. But I don't show any software (Traktor) linked to either F1.

    My S4MK3 hardware is transferable, but the Traktor Pro 3 software for the S4MK3 is not transferable.

    You can contact support or maybe someone else can confirm, but I don't think you need to transfer the F1 serial because you probably can't get the software anyway. And warranty is probably past. But no harm in contacting support to make sure.

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    Quote : "but the Traktor Pro 3 software for the S4MK3 is not transferable"

    Most likely because it is bundled with the hardware , so it would probably go with the S4MK3.

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