Wish for the next Maschine Plus

ritmotre Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

I will buy Maschine Plus when I can load Komplete Ultimate. I would like every product from NI on Maschine Plus. For me this is the priority. I have faith in NI that it will come soon. I forgot... also some CVs


  • Peter Harris
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    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but that will never ever happen. Technically impossible and unfeasible for a thousand reasons.

    If that's your priority, buy a cheap laptop and a Maschine MK3 and don't open the cover of the laptop. In some ways even better than the Plus because then you got a built-in battery and speakers.

  • GoliatGar
    GoliatGar Member Posts: 26 Member

    That would make a huge difference, maybe they could release some lightweight version for the cpu/ram heavy demanding stuff. Even most of products are sample based, they have heavy processing (reverbs, delays…).

    that said, one of the promises when M+ was launched was that we’ll get most instruments ported. We have native Reaktor and Kontakt for example, so now it’s a matter of porting/adapting the products these offer, not only new expansions (which for sure make more money). Hopefully not in a new M+, but in the current one.

  • expermusic
    expermusic Member Posts: 12 Member

    I'd like to see Guitar Rig sp many effects, and the individual "modules" should be easy to adapt to the Maschine screens), Massive X, and really, actual Reaktor integration, where users can "save" their ensembles as Maschine+ ready files. It's doable now, but convoluted and messy, so much so that I stopped trying. Make that robust, and I wouldn't care if they added anything else.

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