Was there ever a bundle/deal that included Guitar Rig Pro 7?

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Hey, a person I know is selling a Guitar Rig Pro 7 serial key and he told me that he got it in a bundle with another plugin. I'm not aware of any bundles that would come with a Guitar Rig Pro 7 license.

Does anyone know if this could be true? Was there ever any bundles or deals where Guitar Rig Pro 7 was included?



  • Monochrome
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    At the beginning of September, iZotope released their new Music Production Suite 6 and it has Guitar Rig 7 Pro in it. They offered it before NI officially annouced and offered Guitar Rig 7 on their own site.

    Maybe your friend meant that?

  • MHalloran
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    Music Production Suite 6 is how I got my copy. Besides Guitar rig 7, MPS 6 includes Ozone Advanced 11 and Nectar 4. iZotope resellers have some great upgrade pricing

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