My controler S2 freezes?!

Vasja Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

During the play and mixing there is at least 5-6 times in night thjat controller freezes and playing NAOYING BUZZZZ sound??! when I switch it off and start again it works normally but then in about 1-2 hrs happens again? It is really disturbing beside dangerous for speaker systems because of this loud butzz sond.

How to fix that? THX


  • PoorFellow
    PoorFellow Member Posts: 1,102 Guru

    That type of problem can be really hard to trouble shoot.

    My suggestion is , be sure that the USB cable is %100 OK , then maybe try another USB port , if that doesn't help then try another computer to see if that makes any difference. It might be the keyboard, but it can also be another part that is to blame. But periodic faults can be rather hard to determine the root cause of !

    You could also try this troubleshooter :

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