Iz yall hirin?

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I'm kidding/not kidding when I ask if NI is looking to get their fanbase back, and hire people who actually care about their company legacy. I've been a huge fan for years, and now I'm seeing my favorite company fail to deliver the cutting-edge features they once did. I am a HUGE fan of the X1 Mk2 and have done shows with just a single one and nothing else. But even with features I wanted like USB passthrough, the new X1 is a great disappointment, and above all else, shows the round, unintimidating design aesthetic for the new gen. We don't want this! We want razor sharp edges, and sleek aluminum shells. We want compatiblity between the NI software we've been using for ages. We want new, cool stuff that we didn't even know we wanted, to inspire us to create awesome content.

Anyways, my question is what is NI's plan for future development? Unique gear like the D2 and the Jam have been unavailable for years, so to not have new versions coming up soon after this long of being out of stock, would be complete cruelty. I have seen very fiery comments about NI on so many social media, that I'm beginning to worry.


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    As far as I know then usually then Native Instruments does not 'spill the beans' ahead of time. And they will not share anything about what new hardware they are working on.

    With respect to social media then there are always people complaining for one reason or another , that's just how it is.

    Personally I think it much worse that there are so many software issues that users are not happy with. Too often , too many (of various kind) and in my opinion then that's what N.I. really need to focus on getting rid off , so that what N.I. have always tend to functions very well in almost all ways / in all ways !

    That some is nor pleased with the offerings in my opinion is a minor or not important issue as long as there is customers enough to make ends meet. But it is very important when people who have bought the products are not happy with the products because of problems with the product one way or another !

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    Uh, I like the new X1 design.

    And yes, they are indeed hiring for the Traktor team. At least they did last week.

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