Replacing Kontrol x1 mk2 usb port

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I am trying to replace the usb port on my kontrol x1 mk2.

I am having trouble removing the faceplate. I have removed all the screws on the back but there seems to be something in the middle of the device that is preventing it form lifting up. What am I missing?

I notice there is an empty hole on the back of the device. Not sure what this is either.


  • PoorFellow
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    Did you remove the screw behind the NI sticker ?

    Ref. among other :

    Quote : I took the unit apart with little problem. The likely reason you had trouble disassembling it was due to one screw. On the back there are two labels, One white with the serial #, and another black with NI info and model. There is another screw below the black label. To easily get to it, press on it and you should feel the hole then use a razor and cut enough to get your screwdriver through.

  • jbryndza
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    Ah my man! Thank you so much. Two screws were left...both behind seperate stickers. So simple. Thanks a bunch.

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