Instrument starts playing as soon as I open a project

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Hi guys! Fairly n00b using Maschine so bare with me. I imported an instrument to one of the pads. And it starts playing without me doing a thing?! It is a soundscape (Battlefield) and it just plays forever. I can mute the whole bank but that's it.

When I open the reaktor plug in I don't get any wiser. Again. I might just be an idiot.


  • LostInFoundation
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    It is probably set up as a drone that continuously produces a sound.

    in your screenshot i see a purple square beside “NOTE IN”. Isn’t it a switch to turn it on or off? Try to click on it (just a guess). Or the mute button underneath it

  • D-One
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    Well, by the looks of it the LFO 1 is triggering a bunch of stuff + really huge feedback on the verb, so yeah, it's a drone that does not require MIDI input.

    Modular synthesis is not something very beginner friendly, it's pretty common that you have a ton of stuff that automatically triggers notes without any input. I'd avoid modular synthesis unless you take some time to read up the basics (VCAs, VCOs, patching, envelope generators, LFO's, etc, etc... ). I'd start with learning those concepts on a normal pre patched synth or you will get overwhelmed pretty fast.

  • daniel1210
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    Thanks! It's a bit more clear now.

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