Muted all groups but still hear audio / sample

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Scratching my head a bit here.

I loaded up the project 'Bumpy' from the Bumpin Flava expansion onto my M+

I was trying to isolation the cool vocal chop but I can't find it. I've muted all groups in the hope of finding it but even with all groups muted it is still playing.

I also opened up the mixer and no meters in the groups A-H display any activity.

I notice that this 'rogue' vocal chop sample mutes if I go to Idea mode, but is audible in Song mode - I'm sure this is relevant somehow.

Any ideas what's going on here and how I might find this sample?



  • Sofine
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    OK, I found it. It's a clip. I haven't used these before. I guess I need to look into this concept a bit :)

    Any good YT vids to explain how and WHY / WHEN to use these?


  • Sofine
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    To close this off I also jsut discovered that there are more than 8 groups on the M+ πŸ™„

    I was aware that the software offered this but never realised this was the same on the M+

    I found my sample in the 3rd page of groups 😏 by holding shift and pressing a group to nav pages of groups.

    Nothing to see here.


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