Guitar Rig 7 Pro - Noise Machine does NOT decay, chops off SUDDENLY

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First, hats off and many thanks to the GR7 team because I've used previous versions, but the additions and enhancements in this one really kicked my usage in high gear. I've been looking for a better multi-FX to replace other ones as a SUPERSET, and for the most part, GR7 is covering those bases... and more. Some of my fave features include the random preset selector, the new tape effect, and being able to access most of the NI effects I already like without having to instantiate separate plugins. The overall "snappability" of the GUI is also a big plus.

I wanted to report something because it's not behaving: in the Noise Machine, there's an expert option to RELEASE, but here's the issue that makes it not useful for me. The description claims:

Release Adjusts the time it takes for the noise signal to decay to silence when played back in Trigger mode. Additionally, it adjusts the release time of the envelope follower when using Dynamics.

... which by "decay" I expect means a gradual tapering off, that's what I want! BUT instead, it ABRUPTLY cuts to nothing after X time, sounding very harsh and not allowing for smooth transitions between "noise" and "silence".

Also, since it has to do with Time, I'd expect the Release values to be shown in seconds instead of %. Like the Noise Gate component's Release... consistency!

This feels like a bug, or at least, there could be an option, like how the standard behavior of a noise gate has a gradual fade-out. And other noise tools I've used out there, so that the noise layer smoothly blends only when there's an active input.

@Eddie_NI you're been awesome on here — if you know more about this can you please chime in?



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    This is unfortunately not phrased very well in the manual. It is indeed the intended behaviour that the noise stops and does not decay for This was a product design decision. This is also why the Release parameter is not adjustable in seconds but only in % so as to not give a false impression. The reason for this is because the Dynamics and Release parameters interact with each other and it's not possible to give definite release times because of that.

    But you could try to set the Dynamics parameter to 100% and then play around with the Release parameter to get some fading, maybe that helps in your case.

    Alternatively you could add the "Noise Gate" component after the "Noise Machine". Set the Release on the Noise Machine to 100%, the Hold on the Noise Gate to 0% and then fine tune with the Threshold and Release parameters on the Noise Gate to get the decay you want.

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    @Eddie_NI I very much appreciate you giving more context! I now see this is intended to work in a different way than I'm used to, but has its own benefits.

    I understand what you're explaining, with these settings it sounds a lot more natural and the noise tapers off, kinda like an envelope follower. I think adjusting Dynamics is the key thing I was missing.

    • Dynamics = 100%
    • Trigger mode = ON
    • Threshold = -80.00 dB
    • Release = 100%

    ^ Like this.

    Also for your alternative example, it's kind of funny that by + a Noise Gate component and using it in the literal and traditional sense (TO REMOVE NOISE!), I could achieve the desired results — of course! 🤣 Thanks again for detailing how to do that.

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