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Hi guys, I was surprised by not waiting at all with the sonoma update. Intel processors have not received this update. Today, even the worst computers can switch to the latest version of windows, while apple blocked devices with intel processors even though it could power.

What I want to ask you is that sonoma support will come and there will be ongoing adaptations with M series chips and sonoma. What should we users with Intel processors do? How long can we continue to traktor pro healthy with these installations? I'm afraid to hear that one day the software version you have is not enough.


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    Hi @Kayya "Intel processors have not received this update."

    Looks like I can install it on my intel 2019 iMac, but yea, the day will come soon enough we'll all be in the same boat with this continual update nightmare. All I can suggest is use the machine you have to its fullest and when you do update, try to future proof your next purchase by taking into account what you'll need, not overspending or underspending. Of course with each of us this is going to be different. Personally I hold about as much loyalty to Macs as what I do to Windows. Zero. My machine has got a job to do and thats that. Both of them are in a race to the bottom.


    According to wikipedia:

    Supported hardware

    macOS Sonoma supports Macs with Apple silicon and Intel's Xeon-W and 8th-generation Coffee Lake/Amber Lake chips or later,[23] and drops support for various models released in 2017. The 2019 iMac is the only Sonoma-supported Intel Mac that lacks a T2 chip. Sonoma supports the following Mac models:[24]

    iMac (2019 or later)

    iMac Pro (2017)

    MacBook Air (2018 or later)

    MacBook Pro (2018 or later)

    Mac Mini (2018 or later)

    Mac Pro (2019 or later)

    Mac Studio (all models)

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    Since I have 2017-2018 product, what I think the most these days is to receive the warning of traktor pro that it is no longer supported by your osx version and not being able to use it one day. I wonder when this will happen.

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