Sync Lock affects master deck when loading another deck

I've just upgraded from an S4 Mk2 to a Mk3 - and I'm having some issues.

On my Mk2 - I overrode the nudge wheels so that they ONLY work when the Shift key is pressed, and I overrode the Sync lock (I forget how so that it worked the way I wanted).

I have discovered that I cannot reconfigure the controls on the Mk3 in anyway via the Controller Editor or the built-in Controller settings in Traktor?

So - my problems

[Scenario A]

I have a track playing in Deck A (sat at 120BPM) - which is the Master - (with Master mode set to auto) - I load a track into Deck B - and press Sync - so now Deck B is synched with Deck A at 120BPM - all good. I fade out Deck A, bring in Deck B - and now I am looking to load my next track into Deck A. At this point, Deck B shows both as Master and as Sync.

So I load a track at 140BPM into Deck A. Deck B instantly (and while live) changes to 140BPM. This doesn't happen if I remember to press the Sync lock button again before I load Deck A

[Scenario B]

Deck A has sync lock on - because I used it previously to sync it with Deck B. Deck B is now playing at 110 BPM and is the master. I load a new track into Deck A- that is a 95 BPM track - it automatically changes to 110 BPM and requires me to manually correct that - even though I have "Reset Deck Controls when loading new track" switched to on.

On my Mk2 - I press the Sync button and this Syncs the deck to Master in that instant but doesn't 'lock' it - so I don't need to remember to 'Unsync' it again before I do anything with the other decks or load new tracks.

How do I setup my Mk3 so that when I press the Sync button, it does the same? I don't want it to lock the Sync on.


  • Sûlherokhh
    Sûlherokhh Member Posts: 1,274 Expert

    Just like with your previous controller, you can overmap the controls (Sync, Deck and Shift buttons along with modifiers for the different layers and finally the TempoSync command) to have the setup the way you were used to in the past. Right now i don't have the mind to go through all the details, but i will get back to you sometime this week or the next if nobody else beats me to it.

    Do you have any experience in mapping controllers?


  • Doktor Joy
    Doktor Joy Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Hi - yes I have mapped several previous controllers (including some with no pre-configured Traktor support)... so I am familiar with the Controller Editor page of the Traktor preferences. But - I am used to seeing all the existing mappings and being able to modify them. For the Mk3 - I see no mappings. I have now discovered however that I can add new ones, and I can set them to override the defaults - so this should let me setup the Sync to how I am used to working.

    But - if I want to set the jog wheels so that the jog is disabled altogether except when the shift key is held down - then do I add a mapping that does 'Nothing' - and then use Learn to set the Jog Wheels to map to that command?

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