Komplete 14 / Ozone 10 upgrade Question for NI

Bluebeat3 Member Posts: 22 Newcomer

Per my understanding with the merger, NI and Izotope are now are married.

I bought my Komplete 14 update late July. One of the selling points for me was Ozone 10.

Less than 2 month later Ozone 11 comes out and sales of Ozone 10 stop.

Every single software company that I have dealt with, when the purchase date is that close to new release, they would offer a free update to current version. What is the situation here?

Would apricate an answer from NI.


  • Milos
    Milos Member Posts: 767 Advisor

    Typical business tactic.

    I never bought Ozone 10 and now I have Ozone 11. (Although I use KiloHearts Dynamics for finalizing the mix).

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