Kontakt 7 compatibility with Samplitude (resolved)

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I am using Samplitude Music Studio version 2020 and I recently switched to Kontakt 7 which is only available in VST3 version

I noticed that in this configuration Samplitude did not save the instrument settings. It was therefore necessary to reload the Kontakt instrument and its settings each time the project was reopened, for each track using Kontakt 7.

This is strange since for other VST3 plugins, the problem did not arise (Soundpaint or Spitfire interface).

I saw online that some people had the same problem with Cubase a few months ago. Problem which was resolved with the latest version of Kontakt.

As I searched for a while and there is little Samplitude documentation on the forums, I put the solution here.

- 1st solution: use Komplete Kontrol (in VST2 or VST3 version). By passing through KK, the instruments and settings are preserved. The disadvantage: having to go through Komplete Kontrol; which I never do since I don't have a Komplete keyboard and above all, I have to restart all my old projects.

- 2nd solution: I downloaded Reaper in trial version and tested Kontakt 7 in this DAW. No problem. The problem therefore came from Samplitude. So I downloaded Samplitude Music Studio version 2023 as a trial version and I saw that Kontakt 7 worked perfectly in this version.

It must be recognized that the changes between Samplitude 2020 and 2023 are minor and that I did not see fit to pay for this update. I did it nevertheless to be able to use Kontakt 7.

The update is very often offered (when opening Samplitude if you have authorized this functionality and via this screen) at the reasonable price of €39.99. (but not on the Magix website or even in promotion and via your user account, the price of the update is €59.99)

Some instruments I own only work on Kontakt 7 and not on earlier versions and this will probably happen more and more often in the future.

NB: Kontakt 6.8 works together with Samplitude 2020 whether in VST2 or VST3 version.

I don't have Samplitude in Pro version but I assume that if the problem also arises, the solution will be the same.

I hope this is useful to you.

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