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Hi, is there a way to use traktor pro 3 in Ableton as a vst? I tried to use a program called JACK, but not reliable it is like a virtual cable and does not work well. Can I use a actual physical audio cable and plug it into a audio interface so I can run Ableton with traktor using F1 tracktor controller using the remix deck mashing beats and using ez drummer with another midi controller playing drums to the beats in Windows 10. Thanks


  • Uwe303
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    if you have 2 audio interfaces you can do that, one for ableton and one for traktor, for ableton you just need a stereo output, for Traktor one stereo out (to the ableton interface input) and a headphone output maybe if you want to pre listen traktor decks. both interfaces should have a propper asio driver to deliver the best performance on windows, cause for what you want to do timing is important. Could be even better for the timing if one interface has a monitor function, so you can directly route the line in not through ableton, instead directly to the speakers. Otherwise you would add more delay.

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    Xone 96 or other audio cards that has spare in/out works great for sending audio to Ableton.

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