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why the displays still blinking everything work good but this f......g displays continue to blinking i will become mad completely mad grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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  • lord-carlos
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    It's a bug with Traktor and AMD GPU drivers. Currently only why to use the x1 mk3 is with an Intel or Nvidia GPU. NI is aware, but taking their sweet sweet time fixing it. A bit ridiculous.

    Maybe you have an internal Intel iGPU that you can use?

  • LostInFoundation
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    It’s not only ridiculous. If they put out their new shiny new X1 without even fixing a problem like this (for their existing products and the new one), we move from “ridiculous” to almost “arrogant”. Another ulterior time when NI wants to smash in our face “hey, we can do what we want. Even not fixing things. You’ll buy anyway”. And if they are selling a new controller which is working only on a selected bunch of computers without specifying it, I would even dare to say that this could be seen as quite fraudulent.

    Sincerly… I DO want NI to succeed and have an healthy economy…even only selfishly for not seeing them disappear and still have the chance to use my products. Let alone my love for the company itself, that they managed with their behaviors to take to a really low, LOW level.

    But I think users should start to send them a message with their wallets.

    I don’t want X1 MK3 to fail, but if they released it without fixing things, for existing users of Traktor and other controllers and (specially) for the new X1 users, I seriously hope they will not sell good because users tell them “ok…when you’ll have fixed everything, released a FINAL working version of everything and not again use users as beta testers, THEN we will buy your X1 MK3”

    Since they seems to care only about money, maybe this will force them to understand that if they worked badly and released softwares/hardwares that are buggy, they MUST fix it. And…FAST….not talking in the order of quarters or even “next year”.

    You know what? Your product will work as expected next year? Ok…so maybe I’ll buy it NEXT YEAR.

    Instead, the message we are sending them buying things anyway is “You can do what you want”.

    This would also not allow them to write things like the ones I read sometimes… “The internet is crazy. They say Maschine is quite abandoned, while this year we put out more than one update. We are still developing it”… Man…those are FIXES to problems we have cause you didn’t work well … developing a product is another thing. Sneaking one new feature every 5 years is not developing. If the product you put out is well made, you will not have to use your (limited) forces to fix things you didn’t made correctly…and maybe you’ll have time to really IMPROVE your products.

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    Not much else to add, really. Except this: I'm almost happy the X1 release and the poor 3.10 update are causing this perfect storm. There is no previously released stable version to go bavk to with the new device. There is nothing a buyer can do except fumble through the inadequate and unresponsive customer service (another gripe) to somehow maybe get their investment's worth (or get the investment returned).

  • Markovicz
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    The AMD graphics issue is intensively being worked on, please check out the upcoming beta that is to be expected soon:


  • MiFa1969
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    I had written it just a short while ago. It is an absolute joke to bring a new controller, but to change nothing of the old known errors in the software.

    But the main thing is to post great marketing videos about the new X1.

    This is all so ridiculous.

  • Markovicz
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    The beta that carries a fix for the AMD issue is now available here:


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