A rant regarding Instrument upgrades FWIW

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I want to preface this by saying that I think NI makes good stuff and does some nice things like gift us with a new interesting instrument from time to time. Their stuff sounds great, looks great, and works well.....but

Why are so many instruments stuck on version 1 or version 1.1 when they have to fix something that is broken?? How about improving some of this stuff...?? How about some version 2.0's??

Example: I bought 3 of the Native Instruments guitars...The Les Paul, the Strat, and the Tele. Theyve been out for a long time now....all stuck on version 1. There is so much more that could be done with these instruments that would make your existing customers happy and make the products more enticing for new sales. Features that other companies offer. Things like assignable and more available articulations as one example. The Strat has drag and drop, but why not the LesPaul and Tele? The LesPaul and Tele have chord progressions, but why not the Strat. Other guitar VST's have these features and Companies are improving their instruments..but not NI. They just seem to keep coming out with new products and calling it a day with no desire to make existing instruments better.

I think I know why they do this, but dont think that is good business practice. C'mon Native Instruments..give us some upgrades!

<end rant>


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    They released a deluxe version of the Les Paul which has significantly more features. It's priced higher but I believe I got a discounted upgrade price. Nothing like that for the Tele or Strat yet, but who knows?

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