How to create ambient pads sounds like the song, coastline with hollow coves

Music12 Member Posts: 14 Member

Hello, any tips how to create ambient sounds like the intro of coastline with hollow coves ?

I have komplete 14 collectors edition, and using logic

any good plugins for ambient pads sounds like this ?

I really love those ambient, atmosphere sounds



  • DodMod
    DodMod Member Posts: 61 Helper

    I'm not familiar with the reference but for ambient sounds I would look at the following:

    Lores, Arkhis, Sequis, Ashlight, Pharlight & Straylight as starter libraries.

    There are others which can be used to produce what you are after.

  • Music12
    Music12 Member Posts: 14 Member

    Ok thanks, will see if I can use these to get the sound

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