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Hi fellow DJ's,

I operate on an apple mac and have the traktor kontrol S2. I am mainly DJing at home but have been asked to play out and about , which is fine for venues which have their own set up, CD-R's etc, but I need a better speaker system and amp for pub type venues where I would be flying solo can anybody recommend anything ?? 🙏


  • lord-carlos
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    • How big is the room? Or how many people do you target?
    • What is your budget?
    • Do you have a car or does everything need to fit on a cargo bike?

  • Koptom15
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    I have a car, room size varies, but only probably 100-people a time playing to,

  • nachopenades
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    A pair of self-powered JBL EON 715, they weigh little and sound great. That will be one of the best investments you make for private parties of up to 140-180 people. I have some in my studio, and when I have a private event I take them in the trunk of the car.

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    Those new Soundboks 4 are looking amazing and improved in every way, it's on my wishlist.

  • Koptom15
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    Thanks both so they both plug direct into the kontrol ?

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