Komplete/Kontakt Library will not stay connected/visible/available

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This is a really odd one. My NKS Library will now not stay available. If I launch Komplete Kontrol standalone it will only show 5 of my libraries. When I hit rescan all of my libraries show up....until I close KK and restart..Sometimes they show up but quickly disappear one by one and sometimes only thOse 5 show up.

I had to relocate my libraries and that seemed to work fine for a couple days, until now. This seems to have just happened out of the blue as I havent made any changes since. In Native Access, all my libraries show as installed and in the proper location. I tried reinstalling Komplete Kontrol

I would open up a ticket, but have an earlier ticket from a few days ago that has yet to be responded to, so thought to try this.

I would absolutely hate to reinstall all these libraries Again..ANY HELP APPRECIATED. THANKS


  • Gee_Flat
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    Just a quick thought. This sounds like it could be graphics/display related.

  • JesterMgee
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    What OS are you on?

    Did this issue only start happening after you moved the libraries? Are they on an external drive?

    Sounds more like the libraries are accessible by KK sometimes so are scanned in but on the next time they are not accessible so the scanner is removing the libraries. If you are using an External drive it could be the drive letter/name changing due to multiple drives being connected.

  • nobadmojo
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    Thx for responding. I got this.

    For some reason the Libraries as listed in Komplete Kontrol were listed twice. Once under 'Factory' for each Instrument/Library and once under 'User' with just a reference to the folder. I only had to delete the reference to the Library in the 'User' section and now everything is stable and showing up.

    This was puzzling because after I relocated the libraries everything was working fine for a while and then seemingly out of the blue I had this problem. I;m just glad I dont have to reinstall all my stuff.

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