Best way for make one live session with mashine

Enric666 Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

Hi everyone.

i won know with is the best way for make one live session in mashine, organization patterns groups and more.

thanks in advance


  • Paul Opp
    Paul Opp Member Posts: 18 Newcomer

    Have you made any projects in song mode?

    You can load a new group and record your live performance?

  • Enric666
    Enric666 Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    yes I have so much the same time with mashine working on live? for make one session like 1 or 2 hours. do you know me

  • 6xes
    6xes Member Posts: 439 Pro

    i spent some time to create a template in Reaper to work with maschine created projects....

    i can run 4 projects simultaneous... which syncs to the tempo set by Reaper...

    and becos there are any 4 projects running, you can swap out a project to be replaced by another in the midst of a performance....

    this is all controlled by x2 maschine jams, using the maschine plugin interface to control things is something i manage using Ext - outs...

    Preparation of your tracks in the order of Drums/rhytmic/lead/Bass

    this just helps having the elements in their own group

    each song(project) uses 4 ext-outs drums/rhythmic/Lead/Bass


    project1 ext1-4

    project2 ext5-8

    project3 ext9-12

    project4 ext13-16

    all the scenes/volumes are controlled on the Maschine Jam itself......

    i recall individuals wanting to utilise x2 maschine Jams control their maschine software

    its kind of funny... in that what they were wanting to achieve, in that they were limiting the Mjam

    i have set the x2 maschine jams to work with Maschine/Reaper/traktor/VDJ/Remixlive&FXpages

    ...and at some stage i will add some functions of ableton livelite to the template... as the follow tempo function makes this worthwhile... juggling and keeping all the midi assignments organised has been a one of the biggest challenges...

  • Enric666
    Enric666 Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    lol so util I will try and I say you somthink...I didn't know nothing about Reaper but I will watch now thanks for the info so util

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