Can the black S61 get damaged if standing in the Sunlight for too long?

ErLouwer Member Posts: 8 Newcomer
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Might be a stupid question, but i rather ask once too often than regret it:

Does Sunlight damage the keyboard?


  • Gee_Flat
    Gee_Flat Member Posts: 906 Guru

    Not with a good sun block.

    Seriously though; by damage do you mean the exterior or the interior? The honest answer would be yes and maybe.

    Consider the fact that the Sun is setting the planet on fire and I think it's a strong yes - as anything seems possible.

  • JesterMgee
    JesterMgee Member Posts: 2,758 Expert

    Just put a cover such as a towel over it when not in use and it will be fine.

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