Komplete kontrol won’t work in Ableton anymore and my Komplete Kontrol sounds don’t work anymore

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Kompkete kontrol won’t work in Ableton anymore and my Komplete Kontrol sounds don’t work anymore


  • JesterMgee
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    Is this just an FYI or do you need help?

    Might be helpful to others if you post some basics about your problem such as:

    • What OS you are using for a starter
    • Version of Ableton
    • Screenshot of your MIDI settings page in Ableton
    • Exactly "what" isn't working:
      • Can't use the transport buttons on the keyboard?
      • Can't navigate tracks?
      • Can't pull up the browse window on a track that has KK loaded on it?
      • Can't play any MIDI notes
      • Etc...

    Can be hard to find an answer when there isn't much in the question so you need to post more info on the issue.

  • BigG
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    Currently on OS Monterey (should I update to Ventura?)

    Ableton Live 11 Suite

    I am having an issue as I’ve now got the new Native Access version (which has replaced the previous version of Native Access)…

    I have Konplete Uktinate and had it all stored on my DAW (Ableton) before.

    I followed the steps replacing files into a new ‘Native Instruments’ file on my Mac.

    The issue is have now is that

    A. In Ableton my previous Komplete Kontrol won’t load and plug in VST2 is disabled/is not working any any of my existing projects that I need to recover as none of these work/play? (The old ‘Native Instruments’ folder was deleted as advised when I downloaded the new Nativa Access download)…

    B. In Ableton he new Komplete kontrol works for new projects only but not existing projects?

    C. In Ableton the VST 3 (the new Native Access version now only has some of my NI plug ins in Ableton showing and not all that were in VST2?

    Also, I cannot do updates in Native Access as it fails with no reason shown.

    my Native access path locations under file management are as stated but Komplete Kontrol is not showing and working in VST3.

    komokete Kontrol won’t load instruments for my existing Ableton projects and also won’t work/record for new Ableton projects.

    VST2 in Ableton is where it’s trying to locate my existing projects from to use a Komplete Kontrol but there is no no longer a VST2 plug in option available?

    I used VST before I thought but Komplete a Kontrol option is not shown in Ableton plug in area even though the Komplete Kontrol file is in the correct stated locations on Native Access and Ableton plug in file location.

    I have spent hours on work around a but getting nowhere and really want to recover my existing projects sounds I’ve spent hours,days, months on, as well as for new projects too…

    Help please?…


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    Unfortunately Ableton Live does not support plugin migration (where projects made with the VST2 version will load with the VST3 when the VST2 is no longer available) at all

    Not sure what to suggest apart from maybe seeing if you can install an older version of Komplete Kontrol that still has a VST2 version and replacing them manually with the VST3 or just bouncing down the tracks with KK in them?

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    Yeah I really need to be able to reached my KK sounds in my existing projects which now don’t work. Plus new projects don’t play KK sounds now either!

    Obviously im panicking about all my existing projects that have been worked on for hours and hours as well as new projects in the future having the same issue potentially arise.

    installing the new Native Access version has completely messed everything up and I need to get NI’s help fixing and preventing future problems too… 🤞🤞

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    @BigG Is it a M1 computer? If it is, you'll need to open your projects with Ableton in Rosetta mode: How to Open Your DAW Using Rosetta This way you should be able to open your old projects using VST2 plug-ins.

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