Unexpected behaviour with Bento Box ADSR?

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Hi - I'm just dipping my toes back into Racks after a long gap, and I'm struggling a bit with the Bento Box envelopes.

I've got an ADSR controlling 2 params in other blocks, via the standard modulation inputs. I'm controlling cutoff in a Monark filter and white noise level in a Boutique Multiwave Osc.

I've got the envelope curves set to logarithmic decay - look like a safe kid's playground slide, looks like it should decay quickly initially, then the rate of decay slows... like you're halving every X milliseconds, then halving again after another X, then halving again.

But what I see on the little animated triangles that display changes in modulation amount, and what I hear, is logarithmic decay to begin with... but then an annoying sudden drop-off at the end. So rather than sounding snappy but decaying naturally, it's like the modulation ends by falling off an unannounced cliff.

Does anyone else recognise that? And are there any user-designed envelopes that have a natural sounding decay?



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    Please post a rack with an example of the problem. Otherwise it turns into a game of 20 questions.

    A few things to consider though:

    *IIRC The envelopes in Bento ADSR are not true log or exp. They use the trick of taking a value in the range 0..1 to some constant power. This gives a curve that is similar to log, but doesn't sound quite the same. Still shouldn't finish abruptly though.

    *Blocks are monophonic, so starting a new sound will cut the existing one of abruptly.

    *If your release is set to a shorter time than your decay, the sound will decay 'naturally' until the gate closes, then shut off more quickly. So make sure the Release is set to the same or longer time than the Decay.

    All envelopes are definitely not the same. Different types of curve really do make a difference to the sound/feel.

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    Here's an example with the same pattern a few times. ADSR with sustain on minimum, so only the attack and decay are active.

    First is a linear, second is bento with log style, next is log - very similar to bento, then last is a snappier curve that sounds something like you might get from a function generator in eurorack.

    (Sorry, it's not available to buy or download yet. maybe one day when I have enough stuff for a pack)


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