When y’all gonna update the Maschine Software?

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When y’all gonna update the Maschine Software all these other Daws are way past Native Instruments in tht area, furthermore where’s the Real Standalone Maschine Plus? Another note, how y’all charging a starting price 700 dollars on a keyboard with no pads, no more integration with the Maschine? I guess this is how loyal customers are treated right. SMH


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    These are not questions, just ranting.

    First of all "Read the f**king Manual" Maschine Software IS NOT A DAW, it is a MPE (Music Production Environment) or better said, a Music Production and Performans System.

    Second, Maschine Plus is the only and real standalone version

    Third, what do you want? Keys or Pads? If you want both, buy the other Hardware you are comparing NI products with.

    If you don't like or can't handle NI products, simply choose the DAW and HW you like and go rant in their Community. You can even keep the NI VSTs that run in any DAW and use the keys in Midi-Mode in ANY DAW.

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