Update problems with traktor pro 3

MickiG Member Posts: 1 Member

I updated to the latest pro version and now the programm lost all of its data: no path is valid, all playlists are gone, itunes is located at the wrong place. The most unexpected thing is that during the update traktor did not ask me whether to use my former settings. It seems that everything is lost. All my remixes are gone, there is no backup of the former collection. What a mess. Has anyone got an idea of what went wrong?



  • c0nsul
    c0nsul Member Posts: 224 Pro

    What computer and OS are you using? From which Traktor version did you update? And to what version did you update?

    Normally Traktor asks, if you want to use your existing paths/settings when updating a 3.x release. Also, Traktor normally backups collection and settings files when closing the app.

    Did you look into your documents -> Native Instruments -> Traktor Pro 3.x folder (of your former installation) for the backup folder?

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