Kontakt 7 playing more than one group.

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How do you tell Kontakt to load a default group from an instrument with four other groups in it ? I know there is a way to make one of the groups your default sound when you first load it, like the String Ensemble sustain keyswitch sound' in Kontakt's own library. When you first load that sound, its sustain patch is already on and active. In an instrument I'm making, I'm forced to press one of the red keyswitches first to enable its sustain sound (keyswitch group) to become active, otherwise there's no sound at all. The only way I can have the sustain sound (group) to be active upon loading' is by having the Group start options set to Always in that group. Problem is, when I keyswitch to other groups afterwards, the first group stays on because I switched it to (Always). I need it to keyswitch to another group... not layer it with the group I keyswitching from'. See image where both groups are highlighted yellow, indicating they are both' active as I'm playing. The sustain group should've turned off, but doesn't. Unless of course I switch the Group start options back to (On Key), then its back to no sound at all' when I first load the instrument up.

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    Instrument Options -> Instrument -> Default KeySwitch

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