Existing instances of Kontakt don't open in VE Pro...but new ones do.

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There is an issue that happens for a few people (including me) with VE Pro and Kontakt, where Kontakt doesn't load up in existing projects (it appears in red and you can't access it), but will load up fine if you instantiate a new one in the very same projects.

Someone in the VE Pro forum had a solution a couple of years ago with K6, but it doesn't work in K7 because of how the Database functioning now works. HIs solution was to completely remove all the folders in the Database section of Kontakt 6 itself, and then add them back one by one and re-scan. You can't do this in K7 with Native Access, it seems -- there are no options to remove folders then add them back in and re-scan. So, what can I do?

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