Native instruments - Everything disappeared (except for a few things)

jayjayd Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

A few days ago I activated my Komplete license I got through school which gave me TONS of stuff in native access to download including Kontact 7, Noire, Massive X, and at least 50 others. I installed all of them on an external drive and it was working great for a few days through multiple unplugs and re plugs of the drive. When I opened it today however, it said all my licenses were demos and that I need to activate them but when I click activate, It opened native access and nothing happened. I did this a million times and I verified that I was logged into the right account to no avail. I followed a tutorial of someone with the same issue that said to delete the native instruments folder on the LOCAL drive which I did. Now only a few things appear in native access (about 8 things like kinetic treats, komplete kontrol and others). I'm logged into the same account I was before and I can see the licenses on my online account on the native access website, but native access has barely anything now. I can't figure out how to get my stuff back and Native Instrument's support is a joke Lols so I'd appreciate any insight on this if anyone has any!!! thanks :)


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