will the updated komplete kontrol software come to mk2 keyboards?

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ive checked my native access and kontakt 7 has updated to the newest firmware but komplete kontrol hasnt.

will the newest komplete kontrol shown in the promos for mk3 come too mk2 keyboards and if it does will it also come with the new fancy background graphics?

also will mk2 keyboards still be full integrated with maschine software?i use my kk mk2 with maschine every day and the way it integrates is brilliant,i like the styling of mk3 but due to it losing maschine integration i wont buy one because id miss the reason why i bought mk2.


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    The new KK software will work for all KK keyboards, it's the same software just reskinned, the software has not yet been released.

    MK2 (and A/M) keyboards all work as they do now with Maschine. The new keyboard does not (yet) but I assume NI are planning to update the Maschine browser soon so it will eventually, however anyone with a cautious mind and a knowledge of the NI promise history will know to not base any decision on whatever NI say "may come in the future"

    While the new software does indeed look "better" (subjective) it does fail in a few areas based on the live video from yesterday. You can now no longer have the preset browser and plugin showing at the same time which is a huge issue for fast browsing. Also, in the current software you can easily browse and edit files as it is all 1 screen/section, new software has so many clicks to get to things that it makes simple tasks now 4 clicks deep and (IMO) it is clunky as hell to use.

    Personally I will not be updating any time soon and I really hope there is a flood of the same opinions so they can consider some fast tracked changes to actually make it more than just a candy crush graphical update since graphics add zero functionality to the actual process. Even in the live stream when I asked about browsing while ther plugin GUI is shown Matt said that is something he would also like to see and hopes it comes in an update.... but we all know what NI are like in rolling out updates, I have very little hope at all but will update when I see it, otherwise v2.9 is what I will stick with!

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