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I have recently bought komplete 14 ultimate edition but have yet to install. I have around 200gb free space on my 'programs' drive [and around 400gb free space on my 'audio' drive. But i dont wanna be installing in there ob]

I plan on purchasing a good quality 2tb ssd drive for samples that come with KOMPLETE 14 ULTIMATE. So.. do I have enough space to install the programs on the 'programs' drive I currently have?

Am I reading that it's 680 gig download ? Does that include all the libraries and samples or just purely the programs? I wanna download all the programs on one drive and keep the sample libraries on on an external.

Anyone shed any light on whether I can go ahead and start installing!


  • JesterMgee
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    200GB (if you want everything) will not be enough. Not sure off the top of my head what it requires all up as I only install what interests me but i'd get a drive dedicated for VST libraries if I were you, a 1TB would do as a start. Will just save some headaches moving things down the inevitable road

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    200GB isn't enough unless you're selective. I have Ultimate and the Kontakt/Sound Packs stuff I have chosen take up about 700GB on an external. I moved them there after having Standard installed on the internal SSD. But once you have Ultimate it makes sense to put those files elsewhere.

  • JimiB
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    Yeah, Wow! I just didn't sorta realise how HUGE the thing is. As you have said, It's not a question of needing literally everyting and being selective is sensible. Although part of me is like 'well, get it all 'cos ya paid for it!' I guess I'm just realising the size and scope of the Komplete 14 Ultimate ride. I play and record rock, indie folk, blues and primarily guitar based songs so it's pads and strings and even some of the beautiful cinematic content that interest me the most. I can forego the EDM and the synths. I think I've bitten off WAY more than I can chew here. Thank you for being so polite as to respond to my rookie question.

    Jim (Sits there, wide eyed and scratching his head)

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