Sounds for intro of the song Sledgehammer

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If I wanted to cover the song "Sledgehammer" by Peter Gabriel, is it possible using any parts of Komplete Ultimate software to sound like the original recording? The question is how to get all of the various articulations, such as the bends on the shakuhachi flute, the attack on the brass notes heard at 2:06 in the song.

I own a Maschine Mikro controller, and when I am performing, I am able to load sounds into Maschine and have the pads on the Maschine Mikro controller serve as on/off switches for what sounds go out to the audience. So presumably, if someone can advise me on how to get the sound of the flute more precise, and what brass I should be using for the various articulations. I would end up loading these sounds into Maschine and then press the corresponding pad or pads at the right time during to song to play the parts.

The song has all of the following parts I would want to cover:

Brass (bright, stabby and long)

Brass (with attack on the notes)

Brass (short and punchy)

Prophet-5 Organ

Shakuhachi Flute

Link to an Ensoniq EPS 16 Plus covering the intro:

Link to song:

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