Kontakt can now be used directly with S-series MK3 - But what about Mk2?

GuidoGuido Member Posts: 4 Member

Will it be possible to use Kontakt directly (as with the upcoming Mk3) also with the S-series MK2 in a future update?


  • Owlbear
    Owlbear Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    It would be really nice, but they have been asked for this feature for years already with no visible success.

    And it seems like it's the only thing except aftertouch that can motivate people to upgrade so I wouldn't hold my breath.

    But yeah, having this in S2 would be really nice.

  • GuidoGuido
    GuidoGuido Member Posts: 4 Member

    "After a decade, we finally managed to directly integrate some of our software products into our new flagship keyboards" is a sad selling point :)

  • metrosuperstar
    metrosuperstar Member Posts: 8 Newcomer

    Indeed, as it stands they seem to be leaving MK2 owners out to dry with our integration being limited to a tiny and unresizable Komplete Kontrol software interface, and drooling over Kontakt 7 integration. I don't want to regret my purchase of S88 MK2 but.... come on.

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