HDD almost full: How do I consolidate and relocate NI installation

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I recently had a motherboard fail on my recording PC. I have since replaced it and the machine is back up and running strong. My NI 7/8 installation was no longer registered, I'd imagine as a result of the new hardware. My old service center was out of date. I installed the new program to reregister my installed instruments etc. I ended buying an update of NI 14 and now my HDD (boot drive) is almost full as a result of all the new content.

I would like to move it all elsewhere, preferably to an external HDD with plenty of space. I guess the big question is what can and what cannot be moved? Any procedural advice, and a description of how NI Komplete's directory structure needs to be. I have read that the main application folder is C Drive User Documents. My NI Folder is pretty massive at this point and has almost filled my C Drive.

Any help would be great so I can actually finish d/l and installing products and try and make some music!

Many Thanks!


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    first I would only use an external HDD/better SSD with USB 3.x if necessary, otherwise I would use an internal SSD, or upgrade the one that's in the computer is also a solution. So basically, you can move libraries to another drive and relocate them with native access. I would try it one by one cause you have to relocate anyway one by one. All programs I would leave on c drive. But then you might run into problems when opening projects, then it will ask for the sample folder, but once done for every project it will be fine - that's why the easiest solution might be to completely update the drive and install everything on c:\ as you have already done.

    And a new bigger c drive can also bring new live into your computer too!! But it depends and of course you would maybe have to reinstall everything. Of course backing up stuff before.

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    @Steve Fundy The Kontakt libraries can be moved and located with Native Access afterwards, as explained here: Reinstalling a KOMPLETE Bundle Without Re-Downloading KONTAKT Libraries

    For the plug-ins and programs, better leaving them at their default location, they are not so heavy. For the rest, like expansions, Reaktor instruments and so on, you will need to reinstall with Native Access.

    Maybe this article can be helpful too: How to Change the Install Locations in Native Access

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    @Steve Fundy if you have a brand new motherboard, chances are that it supports M.2 solid state drives, which are the fastest option. They're also fairly easy to fit.

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    Thanks for the replies. I am currently considering my options. At the moment the simplest thing I can do is relocate some of the bigger libraries. If I can get enough "breathing room" that way, I can move forward. I will probably add a new larger HDD or SSD to accommodate the extra data. Currently, I will attempt to move some of the largest items to my network drive.

    I appreciate the help & may need additional guidance.

    Many Thanks,


  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Steve Fundy Good that you mention network drives, we don't recommend those, as explained in this article: Notes on Network Drives and Disk Formats

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    Thanks for that info Jeremy. I will set up one of my USB external drives or add another internal drive.


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    In case of large libraries on an external drive, one positive aspect to take in consideration is that if you want to work on an ulterior computer you can move the external drive and locate them through Native Access on the other computer too. No need to install them 2 times

  • Steve Fundy
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    Good thought, Thanks

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