S8 'browse' rotory controller damage

I bought an s8 when it came.out, I am a long term native instruments software and hardware user. My nan dropped my s8 a d broke the browse knob on the left hand/a channel

I'm.autistic and every time I think about this controller it breaks my heart.

I was hoping to find a spare board and replace that, but I've never seen one. I'm going to replace the knob.

It's been broken since I got it almost I felt so much shame I didn't know how to ask about it

I've seen replies here that are really helpful, I need to know what the browse know which is a push to make type rotory knob/encoder, can anyone give me a precise description of the part I need?

It's so upsetting to have this wonderfull peice of kit and be stuck without a way to use it.

Any chance of any help? Either the board or the knob I'm.looking for. I bought it once before but lost it (neurodiversity is such a hassle).

I have been looking for a broken s8 for years and been unable to find an answer for what knob I need to buy to replace it.

I'm sorry if it's obvious or tedious to others, but it's been upsetting me for years and I've only just discovered this forum

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