How do I get Komplete Kontrol S61 Keyboard to integrate with Reaper DAW?

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ive heard you need an extension and put it in your user plugins but i can't find the extensions theyre talking about anywhere? What's the easiest way to plug and play and kontrol all your Komplete instruments?


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    maybe this helps:

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    Or this one

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    Yes, Brumbrum definitely seems the way to go.But i Can only find a "reaper_kontrol.dll” and the manual says i need a “reaper_kontrol.dylib" for use with my mac. It mostly worked with the .dll for awhile but then couldn't find the library anymore and the DAW controls on the keyboard didn't work. but the Komplete kontrol browsing was great and even had sound samples. sorry i'm just not computer language literate. any idea about the .dylib or in general advice instructions? vids? d'oh!

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    Found this one but don't know if it helps I'm a windows user:

    Reapack is also often mentioned maybe you try this also

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    You need to place the "reaper_kontrol.dll" file in UserPlugins folder.

    The default UserPlugins directory is one of the following, depending on your operating system:

    • Windows: %appdata%\REAPER\UserPlugins
    • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/REAPER/UserPlugins

    However, if you did a portable install of REAPER, the UserPlugins directory will be different. You can locate the directory if you're not sure where it is.

    To locate the REAPER UserPlugins directory:

    1. Open REAPER.
    2. In the menu bar, click Options > Show REAPER resource path in explorer/finder. An explorer/finder window opens to the location of the UserPlugins directory.
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    Hello guys,

    I just installed the ReaPack extension and installed the Reakontrol package.

    And I have no idea what next?

    There is literally no manual. There is a "manual" which explains what things should do but none of that works for me:) REAPER shows me the extensions tab. I can see that the Reakontrol installed. But no transport buttons work, no auto-focusing on plugin instances. I don't even know if I should set the keyboard to Instance, MIDI, plugin? Like there's literally no explanation nowhere.

    Can anyone help? :)

    Many thanks

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    Do you have a MkIII keyboard, not sure if this extension works for that yet?

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