What is up with NI's website - especially the part about logging in to see my "offers"?

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Here in 2023 - (and me being a NI customer since circa 2002) you would think that NI would have had years of telemetry, info and licensing data from me - to clearly understand what I have (and do not have) when it comes to browsing the product selection on their website.

Yet - like many other "customers" out there - every single time I visit the Products area of the site - like I did moments ago to see if there was any "special" pricing for me on Guitar Rig 7 Pro - I am routinely pushed to "login" to see all my "awesome" Komplete Offers that are supposedly "waiting" for me.

So as usual - I do this and see the most ridiculous offers that "apply" to me - like this:

As I am a Komplete 14 Ultimate license holder - what exactly is the point of any of these? Does NI think I am going to jump all over the "My Update" to Komplete 14 Standard when I already own Ultimate? Or that I would somehow be enticed by the "attractive" Kontakt 7 price listed there - when I already have Kontakt 7 as part of Komplete Ultimate 14?

Or the best one of all: "Hey VP - lookee here - you can score the Komplete 14 Ultimate "update" for $519.00 CDN - even though you already own Komplete 14 Ultimate!"

The same logic applies to their marketing email - where I am routinely bombed by offers that clearly make no sense, show no logic or reason (given my product lineup) and never will.

Bottom line - what is the point of logging in at all - if this website has zero ability to determine what I really have and simply displays whatever "deal of the day" is in play anyway?



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    What's even better than this is I put in a service desk ticket on September 1. I got a response that the issue was fixed on September 5, but it wasn't. On September 15th I get an email, we are working on it.

    Let's compare that to a problem I had with with another vendor. (Celemony) I entered my help request. Inside of 12 hours I got a response and a way to fix the issue.

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    Yes - I had the same painful run around with support and Native Access reinstalling itself etc some months ago. Support offered all sorts of bizarre excuses and runarounds on this - none of which helped in any way and clearly showed that some folks on that team simply did not understand what they were talking about.

    I finally solved this issue over here myself on Windows 10 and have not been bothered by it since - but yes - NI support needs to up their talent pool and get some staff who are more technical and actually understand how their own software works. Starting with their web team and my initial post.

    A site that actually "knows" what I have purchased should only really display any available offers on Komplete Collectors Edition for me - since that is logically the only "Komplete" level left for me to go to.


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