I can't toggle between REL/INTL playback... HELP ! Z2 (Scratch Control/Internal Playback)

I can't toggle between INTernaL playback and RELative (scratch control). I never use REL but one of my decks / channels seems to be stuck on it. So ultimately I have no control of one deck.

What seems to be a simple fix in the manual (i.e. pressing the REL/INTL button associated for that deck) actually does not work in real life, at least not for me at the moment :(

I've turned my computer and mixer on and off multiple times but this doesn't seem to cure it. I'm thinking I might need to do a complete factory reset in the settings but wondered if anyone else has had this problem and could share how they fix the problem please.

I Have a traktor Z2 mixer

Thanks guys :)

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