Traktor Z1 + headphones (cue) + Main Out to Macbook internal speakers possible?

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I normally used Z1 + headphones + RCA outputs to external speakers to mix on PC.

Then i moved to Mac. And I seem to remember being able to use Traktor with headphones to Cue and have Main Out to my Macbook speakers. Or am i wrong?

Then i installed some software called Blackhole 2ch which i didnt wrap my head around, uninstalled and then next time i couldnt choose Main Out to my Macbook Speakers.

Current Settings (this allows RCA out to external speakers)

  • Audio Setup - Audio Device - Traktor Control Z1 (Coreaudio)
  • Output Routing - Mixing Mode - Internal
  • Output Routing - Monitor - 3 Headphone Left, 4 Headphone Right
  • Output Routing - Master - 1 Main Left, 2 Main Right

Of course if i select Audio Device - Macbook Pro Speakers (Coreaudio), i can get to the speakers but then i lose the cue ability to hear what i going on in the headphones.

Boy this routing setting thingies is really hard  😀

My q is: is it possible to have Z1 + headphones cue + Main Out to Macbook speakers?


  • c0nsul
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    Blackhole is nice for routing audio within your Mac. As far as I know you could route master to the MacBook´s speaker and monitor to the headphone jack. This way, you wouldn't need the audio interface in your Z1.

    If you want to use the interface as monitor and want the laptop´s speaker to put out master, you don't even need blackhole. You can make an aggregated device in macOS Audio/ This combines your Mac's audio interface with the one of the Z1 to a virtual sound interface. And you can use it with Traktor where you route monitor through Z1´s headphone jack and master to MacBook´s output.

    For both solutions you will find plenty of good and easy YouTube tutorials/how-tos.

  • lord-carlos
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    I think you just need to do an aggregated audio device. No need for blackhole.

  • MiFa1969
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    Correct, with an aggregated audio device you can combine any number of audio devices into one device. I have used this very often and it works very well.

  • mtonumaa
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    Thanks lord-carlos for the link and everyone else for your help 🙂 exactly what i needed

  • New2NI
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    Sorry to drop in a cameo from “captain stupid” but don’t ask don’t learn…. I’m attempting this but failing, what selections do I make when creating the aggregated device to create output to speakers and cueing to headphones🤓🤔😑 thanks in advance🙏

  • mtonumaa
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    that instruction is way too difficult to read and understand. easier to use blackhole

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