Best way to use Kontakt

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Here's the scenario

I use Reaper as my DAW

I have a four part string quartet written in a midi file

I'm using the Cremona instruments for each of the 4 parts

Here's my question

Do I utilize a single midi file in a single track, load up the 4 instruments in Kontakt, and associate each midi note to the proper instrument/channel? Example: top note goes to violin1 channel1 next note down goes to violin 2 channel2 ect


Do I break each of the instruments into it's own unique midi file, and separate track?

There are pros and cons to both

How do you do it?


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    Breaking each instrument and midi into separate tracks is more convenient. No need to worry about midi input and audio output routing. Midi editing by single instrument is also less confusing (although in Reaper you can keep several midi items at the same time on track). Keeping everything on single track might use slightly less cpu/ram, but I found that saving not significant to care.

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    Thanks for this!

    This was my thought pattern as well, but I thought I would put it out there for those to comment. The real reason why I posted this question though was something you did allude to, yes I can keep several midi items on a single track, but I can also edit multiple tracks using only a single editor. Said another way, If I split out my quartet into separate tracks, I can edit any of those tracks by opening a single editor. Very useful. Much like Melodyne Studio where you can edit multiple wav files in a single editor

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    (Not a proper post for this board. This is about Reaper DAW.)

    In Reaper, you can edit multiple tracks in one piano roll editor by turning on track list from menu bar.

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