If I'm not using them at the same time, can I install more than 3 units?

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I have a variety of computers, from old MacBook Pros to the latest M1 Macs. How many computers can I install if I do not use them at the same time?


  • Kubrak
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    Three, if you do not want violate NI EULA.

    But, nobody will kill you, if you install it on four. Just, you should not do it. If NI tries, it might know/guess, that you have more installations than 3, if you update things using Native Access, here and there...

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    Personally, I think that NI should NOT have a limit of "number of computers installed to". If you're already allowing 2, or 3, then there should be no limit.

    Here's why:

    Here in 2023, you could EASILY have three or more computers in your home. Or one in your studio and another in your home. Plus a laptop for mobile creativity usages.

    And THEN you might have a 4th computer running a different OS. So for example, the desktops and laptop might be Windows PCs, but you also have a Mac or iMac. Or maybe that 4th computer is in a different place where you might do your mixing or mastering. But you STILL need access to all of your plugins!

    It's just too easy to go over 3 computers, even if you are the only one who uses any of them. I only have two hands, and can't use more than one computer at a time anyway. Even Microsoft allows up to 5 computers for its software products.

    If Native wanted to somehow programmatically ENFORCE a limit, they would have to require that the machine running the plugins to have internet access. Now that Steinberg is finally moving away from the hardware dongle methodology, they make Cubase, (and maybe soon) Nuendo, Wavelab, and their other software go online periodically and re-authorize itself.

    I believe that puts a cold chill on sales. I get it, the software provider needs to reduce shrinkage due to theft. Maybe a good alternative would be to offer an extended license. I'd pay up to a couple hundred USD as a one-time fee for allowing more than 3 computers. Say, 6. Or just go straight to 10 or 12.

    Also, it's not going to be long before rack devices and synths have the ability to run VSTs. There are a few old-school ones out there now.

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    Don't ever buy Waves products then, they only allow a single computer unless you wanna carry a damn USB stick around or pay $100 a year for a second online activation.

    I think 3 activations is perfectly reasonable. Any more than that (unlimited) opens it up for possible abuse

  • Kubrak
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    And it used to be two computers till quite recently.

    Three is IMHO OK. I have about 10 computers, but do not need to have NI on each. And I legaly could as I have several licences for most NI plugins....

  • Unclemusic51
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    I think it would be better to authenticate like i-Lok rather than limit the number of installations. Since it will only be used by one user anyway, it would be better to install it on multiple MacBooks or Macs and authenticate with the i-lok key whenever necessary. There are many people who use Mac products and have more than 2-3 devices.

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