External audio interface and the S4 mk 3


Does anyone have experience using the Universal Audio Apollo Twin as an external audio interface for the Traktor S4 MK3 controller?

I have two questions regarding the headphone cuing.. 

1: I have routed the master output signal from the S4 to Virtual 1 and Virtual (2) in the interface. For the monitor (HP), I have selected HP (R) in the S4. I can't see that there are any other alternatives.

This is working quite alright (of course I'm open for other suggestions on the signal flow), but the HP Volume is very low from the Apollo. How do I adjust the HP-volume even more than the whell on the apollo allows me to? 

2: When I have selected the Apollo as the Audio Interface in the preferences menu in Traktor, I can not use the master volume knob or the HP volume knob on the S4 controller. Does anybody know how I can make this possible?

Thank you in advance :)


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    Could you provide a screenshot for your Audiorouting please?

    In general, Traktor supports only ONE Audiointerface, so you use the S4 as Audiointerface OR the Apollo

    For 2) This really is weird, because normally the Hardware Volume knobs are actually just a Midi Mapping for the Traktor Volume - maybe this has something todo with the Routing to the Apollo.

    But I am not 100% sure if the HW knobs are not real Knobs that directly are connected to HW Audiointerface of the S4.

    Have a look at the Mappingfile of the S4, you can overrite the settings of every knob and fader todo what you want (so no need to mapp EVERYTHING new - just override the stuff you wanna change)

  • Sûlherokhh
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    I answered 2) here:

    Same goes for the Master Out and the corresponding HW knob on the S4.

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    Thank you. I’ll post a picture of the Audio setting and routing.

  • Sebastian B
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    I can only select HP R - left is unavailable. For some reason, I get sound in both speakers when i route the master to only one viritual channel in Console (UADs software).

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