Traktor Pro Plus Feature Request: Larger UI Sliders

x9sim9 Member Posts: 12 Member

Note this feedback comes from discussions with over 200 DJ's I have interacted with over the last 15 years using Traktor

Idea: Have taller sliders for Faders, Tempo adjust, etc..

Usecase: Small sliders making it difficult for accurate adjustments

Description: due to the deck area having a particular height it limits the range of the sliders in the UI, having larger (taller) sliders for controls would make it more accurate for things like tempo adjust with the mouse or trackpad

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  • Stevan
    Stevan Traktor MIDI Maps Moderator Posts: 1,523 Expert

    Tempo fader has different resolution settings. You can have a mapping that adjust's the BPM value by 0.01 by holding down the "Shift" or other key on your computer keyboard or a controller.

    Making faders bigger will result in a big changes to the UI wich 99.9% of Traktor DJ's are not asking for.

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