Traktor Pro Plus Feature Request: More UI Customisation

x9sim9 Member Posts: 12 Member

Note this feedback comes from discussions with over 200 DJ's I have interacted with over the last 15 years using Traktor

Idea: allow more customisation of the UI


  • Struggling to clearly see some elements clearly.
  • Resolve Scaling between different laptop resolutions.
  • Hide anything unneeded

Description: while traktor does allow some customisation a huge amount of whats shown on screen cannot be changed at all. On some laptops the decks take up almost all the space due to screen resolution, on other laptops the decks are tiny.

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This idea did not receive enough support from the community.


  • Mickstah
    Mickstah Member Posts: 4 Member

    Great idea! Case in point, for me I wish there was either an option to place the record box NEXT to the effects in top right, OR have an easy hotkey combo on the controller to quickly switch between the two.

  • wayfinder
    wayfinder Member Posts: 319 Guru

    why should this only be a pro plus feature?

  • D Genetic
    D Genetic Member Posts: 19 Member

    While I agree that the UI could have more customization, I think that your request for change is too vague, apart from the screen resolution.

    This also would require cross checking with the developers what are the various screen formats they are willing to support and the minimum resolution.


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