Can Maschine export MIDI files with the cc information?

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Question is in the title…

I know Maschine can export a midi pattern into a .mid file by right clicking the sound, and exporting.

but is there a way to include the macro CC knob automation in the midi file??

unless I am missing something obvious I can’t seem to figure it out!

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  • Sunborn
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    I never done this with Maschine, but on Cubase and other DAW it is possible, so it should be also possible from Maschine too.

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    On the last update they fixed something with Midi program changes

    2.17 - 2023-03-22 

    FIXED Handling of MIDI program change messages with VST3 plug-ins

    In the manual I find Midi CC only under the "Import Midi" Part, but not explicetly under the "Midi Export" part.

    Add some simple pitchweehl modulation to a sound, then rightclicking on that soundslot and choose "export Midi".

    Import that midi-file to another group, if the CC are still there you have your answer ;)

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Schmapps1 The Macro is not a static MIDI CC, it's not possible to export this part.

  • Schmapps1
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    Thanks for the insight fellas

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