komplete 14 plugins disappeared from NI Access

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Hello everyone!

I'm new here and i am experiencing an issue, just wanted to ask if any of you had the same issue on Windows 11 (i'm not really sure here the problem is the OS, but the NI Access remote service).

This morning i started Abl Live, loaded a song and my NI plugins were displaying that the plugins were in demo mode, when i have the actual Komplete 14 license.

I installed the update of NI Access, the plugins were listed but in Ableton still saying it was in demo mode. I tried to re-register with the serial.

I restarted my PC, you never know. And it's at that point where NI Access started to execute stuff before opening, and when it was done, all my plugins were gone inside NI Access, just showing Hypha that i got for free.

Tried to re-import the license, but nothing. In my NI Account the licenses are there, i'm not really sure of what is happening.

Did any of you experience this problem ? and if so, how did you solve it ?

Thanks !

Have a great day everyone!

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