Fables Installation fails

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Hello guys,

I have an issue with Fables, i can't install it. I am on Mac M1 wit ventura 13.5.1.

I tried almost 10 times (granting access to full disk, redownloading etc...) but it doesnt work...

It always says "Installation failed" with no more explanation.

I had the same issue with Lores but the .zip from NI in another discussion solved the problem.

Can someone help me ?



  • Jeremy_NI
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  • rmurrayram
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    I just purchased both Lores & Fables. I too have a Mac MI with macOS 13.5.1. It won't download either. It claims I don't have enough memory or some such garbage. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get NI support of any kind. I would love to know if I can relocate ALL my NI Instruments, etc. to a separate SSD T7. NI claims I can't because my DAW, Logic, may not be able to locate it for updates, etc. It's a vicious cycle. I have 387GB on my internal Mac HD, but that's not enough to download claims Native Access. I can't purge enough of my HD to accommodate. So, I can I transfer everything to an SSD T7 with 2TB? Help. Thanks.

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    I have mine on an external drive and use Logic so you can do it, just change the install paths in NA, don’t try moving stuff manually

    Also don’t try and install both at the same time, let one download and install complete first then the other, together they will use more memory than you have left in your main drive for the install process - 387GB is not enough for 57Gb plus 72GB to fully unpack and install all on the same drive, but hopefully an external will give you the wriggle room you need provided you setup the install paths in NA first

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @rmurrayram There's an article linked to the error message in Native Access: Native Access Error Message: "Installation has been prevented. You do not have enough free drive space to install the products."

    Please go through it. You can download and install your NI content on an external hard drive, it's all explained here: Setting Install Locations in Native Access

    Make sure that your external hard drive is formatted to APFS: Notes on Hard Drive Formats on Mac Computers

    And it is very possible to contact our support. There is a dedicated support section on the website, it's called, well, support. Here is a direct link for installation issues: http://bit.ly/NIsupport_install I don't see any recent request from you about that issue.

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