MDI breath control synth.

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I recently had an Emeo practice saxe. In fact it is a MIDI breath controller. I would like to know if there are NI synths that respond to the breath controller or if there are future developments in this direction.


  • Jeremy_NI
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    @LeClou FM8 will respond to MIDI CC2 (breath control) by default. I don't think there are any NI Kontakt libraries specifically set up to respond to breath controllers but you can easily assign MIDI CC2 to any available parameter in a library, same thing in Reaktor. Maybe there are dedicated third party libraries but I'm not aware of them.

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    I use a wind controller (WX5) and use Kontakt exclusively, with a variety of standard instruments.

    Your machine looks very beautiful and must be lovely to hold but it's not very versatile: As far as I can see it can send only note messages and cc#2 messages - there doesn't seem to be any lip sensor. Presumably you just want to use it for saxophone practice.

    You'd have more choice and probably get a better sound from a good quality sampled instrument in Kontakt than from the modelled ones on offer - the samples and particularly the legato transitions can be extremely impressive and realistic. I haven't any serious saxophone instruments but the Spitfire woodwinds (not the cheap "Studio" libraries!) are very good. Most of them I think will work in Kontakt Player, i.e. without having to buy the full version of Kontakt

    A bit of tweaking would be required. No rocket science. I've given some advice at

    and would be happy to expand on that if you're interested.

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